DSO nano V1 has black screen after bootloader

My Nano V1 originally came with DFU Firmware V3.22A. I upgraded to BenF firmware and I like the 3.22a better so when I try to go back to 3.22a my screen is blank. My DSO gets through the boot screen and there’s nothing. Has anyone had this issue before and is there a way to get it back to atleast operating, I don’t even care what firmware is on it, as long as that annoying purple trace isn’t on it but I do really prefer the 3.22a. Another reason I wanted to turn away from the BenF firmware was when I connected the test probe to my amplifier’s speaker outputs, the white reference line that use to be a wave turned into a scribbled line and I can’t set my amplifiers gain with that. Thanks in advance for any and all help

problem solved…somehow?! I attached the probe and connected it to the 50Hz square wave pin on the nano and now I have image? i’m still on Benf but atleast I can use it and I just figured out how to turn off the purple ref wave

Hi There…you have 3 options, whatever will work

1 benf program
2 copy the 2 hex files
3 use original prog, see my other messages for info, ver 4.22 at moment.

G4VVQ Fred