DSO Nano V1.6 Schematic

Hi I have a DSO Nano and I was hoping to use the power circuitry from the Nano as a base for a project I’m currently working on. However I was following the schematic for V1.3A_SCH and having just recently dismantled it to discover I have V1.6C_MB which has some small differences i.e. Q1 and D3 no longer exist and can’t locate R10 and R11 so think they are no longer there either. Also there is this component circled below that I can not identify. Sorry for the bad quality image.

Is there an updated schematic for V1.6 I have looked extensively to no avail. It maybe worth mentioning my electronics knowledge is basic so any help would be greatly appreciated. There maybe a more simple circuit available?

Sorry, can’t see your picture. Or you can send e-mail to us.

Thanks for the link to the schematic it clears up all my earlier problems. Just have another question that hopefully you could help me with. Do you know why Vusb and Vbat are a digital input to the microprocessor? Are they needed and must the voltage divider be used to lower it’s voltage? And last thing is the 3V input on the D+ pin of the mini usb necessary? What is its function? Sorry for all the questions the help so far has been a massive help.