DSO nano real time to my PC

I have a DSO nano V2 and I want to have it feed signals real time to my PC. is that possible? How do I get the software, (I keep getting ‘page not found’ when I use the website that the manual PDF directs me to) also I if it’s a .rar file how do I extract that. All I want is my signal on my computer so I can use MatLab to play with it nothing fancy.
I feel this is elementary to this device and I can’t seem to filter through the versions of software and update it on my DSO

  1. it seems that the URL in the manual has been invalid now, now you can get the update software at:
    www.st.com/internet/com/SOFTWARE_RESOUR … um0412.zip
    and , here is the Manual to guide you to update the firmware:
  2. all the files are compressed in .zip files.
  3. as the the function you mentioned, it is not available now, you need to design the firmware.