DSO Nano Probe Connector

I was wondering what type connector the DSO Nano uses for the probe input? Where can I purchase them to make my own probes?

As you can see in the wiki at seeedstudio.com/wiki/DSO_Nano_v2 the probe input is 3.5 mm audio jack compatible.

It’s MCX connector in DS0201.

I have purchased the following on eBay: 1pcs pigtail BNC Female to MCX Male Jumper Cable,BN19 (290571856797)
You might be able to find one similar at a lower price, searching “BNC Female to MCX Male”.

Having a standard BNC connector then makes it real nice to make other types of connections to your DSO Nano, or to use a standard 10:1 probe where you can attenuate the square wave test signal properly with the on-probe adjustment. The probe that came with my DSO201 has a 10:1 switch, but no ability to attenuate the probe with a square wave test signal.

Hi I think its called a Micro BNC plug where can you get one, unknown Fred G4VVQ