DSO nano (NOT v2) Vista x64 displays "USB device not recogni


I bought DSO nano (NB: not version v2! but v1) via ebay.

It is working correctly, except I am unable to use SW on my Vista x64 Ultimate EN, since when I turn up DSO, in the systray there is appearing balloon “USB device not recognized”.

So I am unable to use support software for my DSO nano (version 1, not v2!).

I was google’ing for drivers and SW, and all resulted links were expired (i.e. I had HTTP 404 - not found).

Please, someone, could you give me exact URL for drivers for DSO and my OS that are working? Or contact me privately, and/or you could send me drivers with an e-mail to my address vdm113 (swirly-thing@) gmail.com, or with some e.g. senduit . com services…?

I’d like to use SW for DSO nano v1, but when I run those SW’s, there is combobox (roll-down menu), which is empty - what is obvious, since my OS couldn’t recognised the HW device (DSO nano v1).

PS: besides DSO nano (v1), I have put to wish list DSO quad @ official site, but they are currently out of stock, so I hope they will send me it when it will be in stock, and I hope I’ll be much more luckier in installing drivers for it for my Vista OEM x64 EN.

PS2: I someone have drivers for DSO nano (v1) for Vista x64, pls could you send me it, or send link to download them? I will be extremely thankful!

PS3: My DSO nano (v1) I have received via postal mail was sealed in unopened antistatic bag, and I am sure it is not broken, so there is IMHO problem with drivers for Vista x64.

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nevermind. I realised that I need to hold “-” button down on DSO nano while turning it on simultaneously, while connected to computer via USB - all at the same time. Windows detected new device, and installed drivers. Now everything is working correctly.

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