Dso nano NEW USER !!!!

Hi for all.

Let first introduce myself my name is David Maciel , i
living in Brazil.

So lets work now…!!!

I have a litle questions about the DSO nano, if somebody
help me i stay happy.

Lets go to the questions

  1. How to charge the DSO Nano. Only conect in pc by USB cable?
  2. How to dowloand the wave forms of SD CARD, its possible only if i have a external card reader?
    3.When i conect the DSO Nano the pc see the new removable driver but i cant acess the files its not possible make the acess.
  3. What the driver i need instal. i see in this forum STM32 driver but i cant see the link for dowloand of the file and in website of ST, i cant locate with this description.

Best regards
David Maciel
+55 31 8774 8744

The file reading via the usb port has been problematic for me. Only works sometimes on windows, and not very reliable. For charging use the usb connector. A computer or any usb power supply device for phones/ipods and the like will work. It charges from the usb supplied power, within the usb power limits. I was able to download the st driver and kit for windows and upgrade. There is an procedure in the forums here that works.