DSO Nano menu structure

Good day to all.

Just received my DSO Nano today and I’m impressed.

However, menu navigation is REALLY frustrating. Specifically, I strongly feel that only the Left and Right keys should move to the different menus. Reserve the Up and Down keys for changing the menu contents.

As it now stands, you have to pay very close attention to where the cursor is: top row, right hand side, bottom row.

Its a little thing but what I’d much rather see is this:

Starting with the top row, the Left & right buttons move left & right. If you move completely left, you jump to the extreme left hand side of the bottom row. Continuing to hit the Left button move the cursor RIGHT, until you get to the right hand side column.

If you are on the top row and continue to hit the Right button until you hit the vertical column, continued Right button presses move the cursor DOWN.

Think of the top, RH side, bottom menu as being in a circle. Left button presses move you counter-clockwise in the circle, Right button presses move you clockwise in the circle.

I strongly feel this would a much more intuitive and easier to use menu system.

Thoughts, opinions?



Wow that sounds logical and user friendly… Although, you can try creating your own firmware to accomodate the changes. Lets see what SS have to say about that.

Also, Have you tried the Paul 1.4 firmware?
dso201_V1.4.00Paul.rar (31.3 KB)

We sorry about that the user interface is really not so friendly, in the new version we will change it more comfortable.

Before that, you can try the pual’s firmware .