DSO Nano firmware source repository

Hi tormod,

Thanks for your work. I think build source repository is essential and important. Google code can use SVN, but it’s not convenient,for everyone needs a client. Git is easy-to-use,however, some people are not familiar with it(like me :smiley: ). I plan to use SVN in google code. I’d like to be the manager of the git project if you don’t have much time. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks again.

A possibility would be to develop with git, which is distributed, convenient and fast, but setup GoogleCode as a read-only mirror of the main git tree:


That way developers could use their private git branch, and the project could offer a stable centralized version for everybody else.

Just my 2 cents,


Hi Jerry,

I guess both git and svn are fine. I have used both, and have converted many svn repositories to git. I think a distributed system like git gives much more possibilities, which of course can be overwhelming until you get used to it. But I am too git-centric to be objective here :slight_smile: There are many svn <-> git comparisons on the web.

It would be great if you manage the official repository. I do not have so much time for this, but I will try to help out. Can you please set up a development mailing list where people can post patches and discuss them?

By the way, have you tried to build my gcc branch on IAR? And the jump-from-lib-to-app patch?

Cheers, Tormod

Hi ,
I have built the source repository on google code using svn code.google.com/p/dsonano/source … #svn/trunk. Anyone who needs to commit modification can contact me, I will add your ID to svn commit members.

As a demonstration of how things can be done, I have set up a git repository on http://gitorious.org/dsonano/dso-firmware where I have imported the original BenF v3 code release. I have added a “gcc” branch which currently will compile the app using gcc (lib to follow soon). Eventually this branch should be merged into the master branch. The gcc specific stuff is in a project/gcc folder similar to the project/EWARM folder for IAR 4.0.

I see some people use IAR 5.0 to compile, and IAR 4.0 is not so easy to get any longer. Would it possible to create a project/EWARM-5.0 for instance, and otherwise share the rest of the code tree with IAR 4.0?

In that case we could have one single repository for IAR 4.0, IAR 5.0 and gcc, and keep compiler-specific stuff to a minimum, inside the project/* directories.