DSO Nano & DSO201

Are they the same?
Also What software reads the files on the SD Card?


the DSO Nano is the same as DSO201
as the software, i suggestion you Benf app 3.62 , it supports the SD card well.

The answer is any operating system file I/O that can read a FAT formatted SD card plugged into a card reader via the USB port. In normal mode, the Nano becomes a card reader for the mounted SD card via the Nano USB port.

Question per the Chinese “e-Design” version of the DSO201.

These do the firmware update process, with LIB and APP via the DefuSe Demo, but the “e-Design” unit doesn’t appear to display any input waveform data afterwards. These units appear to run these updates and the internal signal generator works, checked on separate scope, just no input waveform is displayed on screen. It only displays a flat line, not even any noise artifacts, as if not transferring data. Anyone have any ideas on how to get an “e-Design” version of these nice scopes working with these updates?

Or perhaps what part of the process that I am missing? I know the “e-Design” folks have a Chinese language Forum for these, but I can’t read Chinese.


you can download the e-design version of firmware at the e-design website:
the ds0201_app_v2.50.rar and DS0201_LIB_V2.21.rar.
you need to update the app and lib with dfuse demo