DSO Nano DAT2BMP tool source code

I don’t have any free time to change it to English Version or make the Linux / MAC version… so if anyone could do this that hope you can release your new version in this topic post~

display.zip (1.49 MB)

That’s very cool FreeZinG!

I have some traveling the next week or so, but I’ll take it along and see if I can find a little time to look into this, especially a Mac version.

In the process, I might write some file format documentation/notes, and release those too!


Here it is, bad and bare :

untar and type make.

There is no GUI, just run convert with dat file and bmp filename as args

It will read the dat file and create the bmp file.

There is a glitch in the bmp header but it works, at least on my linux box and my mac.
convert_DSONano.tar.gz (8.3 KB)

here is the bmp produced by the provided DAT file (FILE000.DAT) in FreeZing archive.

edit: oh bad bad, the header thing corrupts the bmp. My bmp viewer (gqview) rectified it magically but not imagemagick converter from bmp to png. Please someone, fix it!

typedef struct _bmp_header {
u16 bfType;
u16 bfSize;
u16 bfReserved1;
u16 bfReserved2;
u32 bfOffBits;
} bmp_header;

should be

typedef struct _bmp_header {
u16 bfType;
u32 bfSize;
u16 bfReserved1;
u16 bfReserved2;
u32 bfOffBits;
} bmp_header;

but I’m too noob in C to fwrite the struct and align the 1st u16 to the next u32.
The 1st u16 is always padded to a u32.

it produces

424d 0000 3658 0200

instead of

424d 3658 0200

ok, hacked version, bmp file correct now.
convert_DSONano.0.0.1.tar.gz (8.32 KB)

I have modified the source code in display.zip to compile with Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and save in PNG format. Here is the source and the binary. You need to install .NET Framework 3.0 (probably) to run.

By the way, how is the license of draw.cpp and draw.h in display.zip?
DSO2PNG.zip (51.2 KB)

it has not any license and everyone can use it modify it as wish :wink: .

Thank you FreeZinG!

I have added feature to save in CSV format. Also you can select and convet multi files at one click.

DSO nano converter 0.png
DSO2PNG-0.2.zip (53.7 KB)

cool :wink: should we put this in the product page ?

Sure. No problem.

Thanks for the csv version… First Nano Art?

Here is update version. Fixed a bug that the image corrupted if you hide the window.
DSO2PNG-0.3.zip (54.1 KB)

I added two changes to DSO2PNG.
Fixed that version 0.3 cannot convert the file including ‘0x1A’.
Added new mode ‘FIT’ for a new firmware.

I say to predecessors, “Thank you”.
DSO2PNG-0.4.zip (55 KB)