DSO nano comments/ideas

I got a beta version of the DSO nano the other day.

I really like it, but below are a few comments and ideas for possible improvements:

  • The cut-out in the face plate for the 4-way button seems to be a little too small. The plate was slightly curving and not perfectly straight in the corners, because it was pressing up against the button, which also meant that the button was not working well. I have removed the face plate, and now the button works perfect. I’ll make the cut-out a little larger and put the face plate back on.

  • The double sided tape to affix the back plate was a little too long (just about 2 mm). I cut away two small pieces, where it was thin to make sure the back plate would sit flush with the border all the way around.

  • The little wire tip for the square wave generator seemed a little soft, so I replaced it with a piece from a metal paperclip, that I bent on both sides to hold it in place. I gently soldered the wire to it, and it’s quite a bit more sturdy now.

  • I would like the probe to have wire that’s a bit thicker (the single ones out to the hooks), and maybe removable hooks.

  • Last, the tip of the hooks on the probe are a little too thick to reach into the slot for the square wave generator. It’s possible to hold it, but it won’t stay affixed by itself. I tried some “EZ-Hooks”, and those tips are a lot smaller and fit perfectly in the slot.

A good accessory could be a full size probe, or maybe just an adaptor cable from mini jack to BNC, so that traditional probes can be used.

Thats all at the moment for the mechanical stuff, I’ll make another post on some of the problems I have had in use.


in my oppinion a long time measurement with selectable framerate (i know that the maximum fram rate can´t be stored, but temperatures or battery voltages don´t change rapidly) which stores the data directly on the sd card would be a nice feature.

greetings from austria

Very nice product but there’s a few things I would like to suggest in the next software update.

  1. Refresh the screen when changing modes. I get random pixels/garbage on occasion
  2. In ‘SING’ mode it doesn’t really work as expected. The manual states “display when triggered”. I was hoping that if hooked up to a signal (digital bus) it would log the data when the signal comes by and logs until the buffer is full
    2a. in ‘SING’ mode the ‘HOLD’ is always on? not sure what that is suppose to mean when it logs data.
  3. In ‘SCAN’ when on hold it still continues and deletes when it hits the end of the window. Similar when going from hold to run it doesn’t start until time/volt window is changed
  4. Scrolling – can it go faster the longer the button is held down?

I am very much looking forward to these fixes :slight_smile: I would recommend this if these features are fixed/added.

I’m also looking forward to checking out the data logging feature once I get a micro-sd card that works with this. My 2gb I use for the cell doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions … we will consider it and improve in the new version firmware.