DSO Nano as SD card reader

My PC does not read SD card installed to DSO Nano. SD card preformatted as fat16 default cluster size. Can you help me?

What firmware flashed to Nano? What size is the SD Card? Is it SDHC or regular SD?

Lib 2.26 App 2.60, 1 Gb, marked as “Nokia MicroSD”, that’s it.

It’s possible you need to upgrade to Benf 3.64.

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Hi, as a matter of interest did you manage to install benf 3.64 ? The reason I am interested its that there is a bootloader thread running at the moment where a number of us have nanos with lib 2.26 (some 2.25) and app 2.60 and are unable to upgrade to benf 3.64, just wondered how you got on and how you did it? Any advice would be appreciated, maybe have a look at the bootloader thread. Thanks :smiley:

I didn’t do it yet, sorry:) I am newbie on it and don’t know what is “benf 3.64” and what it for. Is it an official firmware release or it just a hack?