DSO nano as data logger


I bought my new dso nano v2 recently and I’ve been upgrading it and playing for a while.
Now I would like to use it as a portable DAQ module storing the data in the sdcard. I’m using the 3.62 version.
Could anyone give me a hint in how to use it?

I would really appreciate it, because I think I’m missing something obvious after reading the manual.

Thank you in advance!

edited: I do not know if it is clear, but what I want to do is to store more than the 4096 points that I get in the XML files, something like being recording for 10 seconds or 5 minutes for example.

If anyone could suggest a solution I would be very interested.
I would like to change the software a little so I can record with sample rates from 0.01Hz to 1kHz as this would make the device very useful as data recorder in biological and mechanical experiments as well as studying the physic activity of humans.
I once was a electronic nerd, but that was many decades ago and now I want to use the electronic gizmos for real world studies.
A low cost data recorder with a display would really be great. I am too old to carry around a heavy lap top and A/D-interface