DSO Nano 201 V3

Hi Folks,

I am disappointed, unhappy, and frustrated with my new DSO Nano 201 V3. Some of the capabilities that were advertised are not there. There is no microSD slot, its firmware cannot be upgraded to the more advanced and better BenF code. The factory firmware is clumsy to use, and the purple data trace persists after turn-on, even after it was replaced with another set of data. Apparently, the new bootloader, and lack of microSD makes the Nano incompatible with the BenF code, which I was not aware of. I noticed another problem, and that is if the Nano is operated with the USB connected, and you save new signal files to the internal memory, the file list cannot be updated unless the USB is unplugged and plugged back in. This is annoying. The *.csv file is raw data, and I do not know what the conversion is to correct it. I do not know what the data format of the *.DAT and *.BUF files are, and as such am not able to read them into anything. Also, the documentation is crappy, and out of date.

This device is a SeeedStudio product, and they mention that it is upgradable. I tried one of the BenF upgrades, and the device no longer works. In fact, at this time it will not come out of the SeeedStudio Open Hardware Facilitator. When I turn the device on without pushing any buttons, it is permanently stuck in this mode. It is now completely useless to me. I do not recommend the purchase of this product by anyone. It is a worthless brick of useless electronics, and a waste of money.

The one good thing is that SeeedStudio was prompt with delivery.

However, all in all, I want my money back, but do not want to put good money after bad by paying for its return.

Yours truly,

A very dissatisfied customer

Hi mygeophysics,

Thanks for your feedback!

Since our customer service don’t pay attention to our forum before,we have not reply you timely,sincerely sorry for this,For the problem you mentioned,would you mind to send a direct email to order at seeedstudio?we will solve it and give you a satisfaction solution timely.

Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience again.

Hey @mygeophysics,

My name is Liao and I am the marketing director at Seeed.

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. It seems the recent product upgrade was totally a mistake. Your feedback is really useful. I will talk with engineers to figure out a solution ASAP. (correct the advertisement for current one and prepare a new version)

Would you please let me know your order number? We could make a refund if you like. However, thanks for your trust to Seeed. We will do best to improve our products and service.

Leslie Liao

I just purchased a V3.

It displays the obnoxious purple trace every time I power it on.
How do I get rid of that?

You mentioned that the V3 was a “mistake” and would be " replaced"?
I just ordered and got a V3!

It shows firmware V3.45D

And Ver 4.30

Is that the latest/best?

Hi, can you post photos about the display so that we can check the situation? Thanks!