DSO does not refresh USB storage

When is connected to PC via USB, then on DSO’s disk are visible files in moment of connection. When are saved f.eg. screenshots, on disk are visible after unplug/plug.

Why ?

If you are using Windows then I find like you that the new file written by DSO does not trigger a refresh.

Pressing F5 to force a local refresh doesn’t seem to help, but I find that if I close Windows Explorer completely and re-open it then that does force a full refresh and new files show up. Slightly tedious but probably easier than re-connecting the USB.

The file write by the DSO is working but something is not triggering the ‘file changed’ event.

No, it does not work on my W8.1.

I am DSO newbie ( versions 2.81/1.62/1.13)

I am using Win 7 Pro. It is quite possible the Explorer cache works differently on 8.1

I did do a check using a low level partition tool and saw that a new file written by the DSO turned up there.