DSO can save config

Hi, I tried to save parameters to DSO.
I try the 2 systems know at this day
1-Press&Hold R/S… message Save Parameter Error are displayed
2-Press&Hold R/S and push M, nothing happens

I try to insert a MicroSD but at this moment dont start (I read is because I need create some files an format in Fat16)

Elsewhere, How I can save parameters settings?

It haven’t auto poweroff?

Thanks to all.

The default 2.02 firmware has to save setting to SD card, please refer to attached manual for detailed instruction.
Or, you could upgrade to 2.30 firmware or above, which could save parameter to internal flash without external SD card.

Auto power off is not included, since in some application people need to keep DSO awake to catch incoming pulse.


Ok. >THanks for the answer.

I think that don’t work with my SDCard, because is of 4gb, and I donknow if supports SPI.
I recently buy DSO, ha-ha-ha i wait more time to Upgrade (by own risk)… First I try to read the beneficts.

THanks a lot.