DSO Bootloader for 2M and 8M versions

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Does anyone have the images or better the source files for the bootloader (3.11C / 3.12C) ?
If i want to replace the flash from 2M to the bigger 8M part, i have to replace the loader right ?

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I don’t think the bootloader cares about the filesystem (external) flash.

There is some magic identification bytes in the MCU flash somewhere, those you need to change.

Hi Does anyone have a link for the bootloader for the DSO quad HW v2.72

I think I have corrupted the bootloader see:
github /PetteriAimonen/AlterBIOS/issues/2

The device will switch on to a white screen, there are no beeps, and holding down the >|| button dos not result in the bootloader page, just white screen. So I think i need to use the UART serial to reflash the bootloader with the stm32flash or stm32loader program.

So to reiterate, does anyone have a copy of the bootloader for HW v2.72 or 2.7? will the v2.6 bootloader (i have a copy of this from PetteriAimonen) still work on v2.72 HW given that this has 8M flash as oposed to 2M, dose anyone have v2.72 HW and are they prepaired to make a copy of their bootloader using stm32flash or stm32loader.

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edit: quoted incorrect occiloscpoe app APP_251 instead of PA_110

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