DSO 203 display replacement


LCD display on my DSO203 has been broken. Could someone please suggest me a display type to replace the broken original one? Probably some LCD TFT display from a mobile phone can be used? Or where can I buy spare one?

Thanks in advance!

i am sorry to hear that. maybe it is diffcult for you to find a display for replacement …be at ease, seeedstudio will not forget you :stuck_out_tongue:
please check the PM i sent you …thanks.

Thank you HugeMan! You give me a hope :slight_smile:

Hello team!
I want to ask is it possible to fit bigger display to the DSO? Let’s say 5, 7, 9, 10, 13 inch instead of the 3 inch display?

Greetings. :slight_smile:

Bigger means more expensive. More people are thinking about utility.

I should have made myself clear when asking - what I wanted to ask was is it possible for me personally to fit a bigger display after I have bought the DSO, since it is open-source?