dso 201 newby needs some basic answers.

I have recently obtained a dso 201 which works fine as a basic 'scope, but I would like to add a micro sd memory disk and upgrade to the latest firmware. I have read every instruction including the benF instructions and downloaded latest firmware but no joy at all in getting it installed.

When I switch the dso on I get the message Ver 1.5.20p but if I switch on with - held down I get Device firmware upgrade v3.20A. Please copy Hex or Bin file to the DFU virtual USB disk.

I am running Windows 7 64 which does not recognise the DSO and states ‘USB device not recognised’

I managed to format a micro sd to FAT32 using a card reader as the DSO does not function at all with the microdisk plugged in.

I have installed the STMicroelectronics Dfuse demo software etc but can’t get it to find the set up files.

Can some kind person please point me in the right direction.

Look for Alf post with attached 3.64 hex zippped file… Unzipped, Get both to the SD card using card reader. The Nano should update.

Thanks for your reply. I’m having trouble locating the files by Alf you mention using the search engine in this forum. I have searched around including the Gitorious site without any joy. I did manage to download two benF DSO firmware files v3.64 as a zip. Unzipped them and tried loading them into my sd card. They look OK there but produce no joy in the 'scope. I guess they are not the right hex files.
If you could point me a bit more it would be great.

It’s in his post , Click here post #5 on this page.

Thanks a lot. The 'scope is now working with the latest firmware and is also recognised by the window 7 system. Great job.