DS3231 library from jee labs

no need to respond just noticed the link to resources page
allthough I only found it after finding another ds3231 pde example
Idid manage to get the correct time date year and the temp reading looks
correct (same as room stat display

this is great stuff wish I had got into this micro tronics stuff years ago
cheers ken

hi there
can some one help Im a struggling newbee .recently purchased seeeduino stalker 2.1

gps bee and a bunch of other stuff

Im trying to set up the clock and temp sensor by following the guide at the bottom of this page seeedstudio.com/wiki/Seeeduino_Stalker_v2.1 = Download and install the DS3231 library and sketches available in the resources section. DS3231 library includes modified version DateTime class by Jean-Claude Wippler at JeeLabs.

When I try to find this particular library and sketch I cant find anything relating to
the DS3231 in there.

my request can someone post the direct link to this library

Question " if the DS3212 library does not in fact exsist doe it mean that I have to
edit an exsisting library if so how do I do this.

hope someone can help in anticipation many thanks

-----alls well that ends well now for the next problem

Thank you for your suggestions