DS203 with STM32F4

I just receive the DSO203 hardware (it’s well made, better than it looks in pictures) but I had a question related to the Cortex M3 used on it.

Do you consider o better idea to upgrade the hardware and use an CORTEX M4 instead of M3? Cortex M4 has a bigger frequency, dedicated MAC unit and a floating point unit/support. I think that the improvements will be huge and the cost will remain low. STM32 F4 is almost a direct replacement for Cortex M3 and the code can be run directly.

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PS: I think I will mod my hardware.

I don’t think that code can be run directly. AFAIK there are some differences between STM32F1 and STM32F4 that need to be taken into account.

But yeah, Cortex-M4 and bigger flash would be great!


Looking at the datasheet of STM32 F4 it looks that it’s a direct replacement. There are few pins that should be put on VCC or GND. Code from Cortex M3 runs without problem on Cortex M4.


But for example the DMA peripheral is totally different on F4 and F1. F4 has 8 “DMA Streams” with selectable channels, whereas F1 has two separate DMA controllers with hardwired channels. Naturally the configuration registers work differently, so code would need to be modified.