DS203 storage dead - can't save settings


I’ve bought the DSO203 from Amazon. I installed Gabonator’s app on slot 1 and the pawn framework on slot 4. I then wanted to install some pawn-scripts, but couldn’t, because the USB storage didn’t show up in Windows. Before that, I tried to same a bmp from Gabonaor’s UI, when I restarted, the settings where all gone and the app crashed, because with “assertion failed”. I think the saving process overwrote the settings somehow…

Now I can’t get it to work correctly. When I flash the latest FPGA and SYS_B1.60.hex, I can’t save settings and when I mount the USB Storage on linux, it only has some weird files like with unsopported chars (�) on it, which state to be several GBs big. I also can’t write on it, because it is read only.

My hardware version is 2.72. At least that’s what is printed onto the pcb, but the amazon description states 2MB, which would point to an older version.

How can I get it to work?

My goal is Gabonator’s app on Slot 1, the community version on slot 2, and the pawn-part on slot 4.

Thanks in advance,

If the hardware says 2.72 then you probably have a 8MB unit despite any Amazon description which could be out of date.

Most of the third party apps were originally written for the 2MB version and will not necessarily work correctly with 8MB units particularly around the area of saving settings and data. The 8MB unit uses a different flash chip with different page sizes and the buffers / access routines have to be different.

I would flash the original 2.72 firmware back on, then check to see if you have an 8MB unit by looking at the disk size plugged into a PC, then consider flashing versions of apps which have been updated to be 8MB compatible.