DS0201 will not run on battery/ Red loose wire inside

I got yesterday a brand new Model:DS0201. Software Ver 2.60, Lib Ver 2.55. It will not run on battery only. I have charget it several hours. Voltmeter shows 3.8 volts in cell pins. Also same voltage in connector on board when device is in off-position. Voltage drops to zero when I turn the device on. Cell voltage is still 3.8V.

There is a loose (one end) red wire inside. It connects to board near battery connector. For what use it is.

Has anyone had same experiencer. Best wishes HPu

hi, would you take a photo on the “loose red wire”? as the voltage, please measure voltage of pin3 of K1( the pin near silk"K1")when DSO is on(disconnect the USB) to check if there is some problem on U10.