Driver install problems

Hey im running into some problems,
Got my Geokit Today and wanted to install the Arduino IDE and Drivers.
First of all, i followed the guide for the IDE and disabled the signature enforcement, that worked flawless.
My problem was then, that windows automatically install generic USB drivers for the USB connection, and every time i remove them, windows quickly re-installs them. When i try to update the driver to the right one from the IDE, it says the correct driver is already installed.
So i tried disabling the automatic driver install under gpedit (group policy edit). And it worked, the drivers don’t install automatically anymore, but now when i try to manually install the correct drivers, it tells me that the policy that i just set stops the driver from being installed.
What do i do?
is there another way to stop the automatic install.

Im running Windows 10 Professional x64

Have you tried running with the default drivers?

Yes, i have tried the next step in setting it up for the Arduino IDE, the firmware update.
The Firmware updater does not find the module.

Ok i have got the solution.
I needed to plug in the Module without the battery connected, then i could install the driver and do a firmware update. Now when i connect it with battery and USB, the generic drivers work for the Arudino IDE.

I have the same problem.
But when I connect the USB cable the light is red. I have no way to make a firmware upgrade. The Serial Arduino IDE does not work correctly shows strange characters.

Have you tried “hard removing”: when you remove the device, also uninstall the driver?
Then go offline and install your chosen driver.