Driver for Wio-E5 Development

windows did not install the drivers for this card ( Wio-E5 Development Kit - Seeed Wiki (
does anyone know where i can find them?

Not really familiar of Windows but I don’t think you need a driver as it’s supposed to emulate an UART when you connect it on computer ! Did you try to connect it ? Does it ask a driver or just setup it automatically ? If so you should be able to use a terminal app to connect with the E5 using AT commands :wink:

Windows select the silicon Lab driver directly, I don’t understand why it doesn’t take that of the st.
Anyway yes, I can connect through a terminal and send AT commands.
The problem is when I want to program the card with my code
I cannot connect via STM32CubeProgrammer, if i try to connect via st-link, the program doesn’t see anything, same with usb. With UART, it tries to connect but fails.
I tried to force the stm driver but nothing changes

Have you flashed in the ST firmware first? You need to follow this wiki before you can use the STM32CUBE MCU, it is worth noting that you can’t flush the AT firmware to it after this operation.

Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module - Seeed Wiki

Seeed Product Document

thanks for your answer,
I managed to flash the firmware last night so that I can start programming it,
I had a problem in the beginning and I thought I blocked the card but I managed to fix it

Great answer. I also have done to flash the firewire today and start my work. I fix my problem just because of thank you.

Is My Opinion useful or not, I have done my best to participate in form. Thank You.