Drill/Rout holes and slots - what format for the NC file?

Hi -

I need to create a board with some large holes in it, and some small slots. My question is how do you want those represented in the drill NC file?

For the holes, I have several that have a diameter of 4.8mm, and one that has a diameter of 12mm.

Should these be called out as drilled holes (i.e, use G05), or should I call them out as routed holes?

If I use routed holes, should I use G02, G03, or G84 commands? What size cutter should be specified in the NC file for routed holes?

For the slots, should I use the linear routing command (G01), or the drilled slot command (G85)?

(note that I am not trying to place several designs together in one job - these are mounting holes for components).

Thanks for any insight you can provide! :slight_smile: