Drill file coordinates seem off?

I’m working on a PCB that I plan to use Seeedstudio’s Fusion service to manufacture. I’ve designed the PCB in Eagle. Initially, I used Sparkfun’s CAM job to generate gerbers, which I viewed with Viewplot. They looked fine.

Now, I have downloaded Seeedstudio’s CAM job, generated a new set of gerbers, and it appears that the drill file doesn’t line up, but I might just be misconfiguring the viewer. I don’t want to send these gerbers off to Seeedstudio without some confirmation, though.

Can someone help? Maybe someone who has used Seeed’s CAM successfully?

Here’s a screenshot of part of the board from Eagle:

Here’s a screenshot of the top copper and drill layer in Viewplot, when using the Seeed CAM job:

Here’s the top copper and drill layer in Viewplot, when using the Sparkfun CAM job:

Here’s a section from the .txt file the Sparkfun CAM spit out:

Here’s the same section from the .drd file the Seeed CAM spit out:

Is one of these “more right?” Is there a config file somewhere that should specify if the hole position is centers or upper-right corners? Am I missing something?

In the end, all I want is some level of assurance that when I send these gerbers to seeedstudio, I’ll get the correct hole placement. But it looks like the locations generated by the seeed CAM job are not correct - or am I using my viewer software wrong?

I’m having the same problem… did you ever get an answer? Did you submit the files with the apparently bad drill locations?

I’m using ViewPlot to view files. All my drill locations are down & to the left of where they should be… but my other layers are also up and to the right of the origin point.

I can see what is causing the offset but I do not know if it is accidental or is on purpose - the seeedstudio people will need to answer that question.

What is happening is that in the seed_gerber cam file all the layers except the drillholes have the style options “pos. cood” and “optimise” ticked. If you tick these two options then re run the cam job the holes will now line up whenyou reload the new files into the gerber viewer (I use the free viewmate version and eagle 5.11 lite).

We will find out in a couple of weeks when thay are back at work,

Hi Guys,
Actually the offset drill is not a problem for producing, we will align the drills to pads while make the produce file.
We are not select the pos.Coord and Optimize, as we found this is compatible with more Boards.
You can download the pos.Coord and Optimize selected blow:
Fusion eagle.zip (2.57 KB)


Appologies for the mega-bump but my drills look way off:

You can see that the drill positions are well away from the holes. Is that still okay? Thanks.