I received my DraGrove today and have not been able to get anything working.
I read the post where it wouldn’t boot with the Daughter board.
I removed the daughterboard, and i see the other leds besides the Heartbeat.

I cannot get an address with DHCP.
How do i go about getting this unit exchanged with one that works.
Will there be a fix for the Daughterboard issue?


An update to my previous post.

After all attempts failed trying to obtain access as the Dragino would only assign IP’s such as 169.xxx.xxx.xxx Subnet, I downloaded the latest firmware from Dragino.com.
After many hours trying to get in to the Redboot> on a mac… I had success restoring using windows and a variety of tools.

Question #1 - Following the Wiki here on Seeedstudio, I set my IP’s exactly as demo shows and I cannot ping or access the Dragove via web browser as the Wiki Suggests

Question #2 - I downloaded the sketch NewSoftSerialTest_Dragino.pde in attempts to see if i was somehow reaching the outside world. Again, following the Wiki’s example and source code.
I have never used Pachube.Com before, but I figured I would atleast generate a log.
I am not seeing any activity on Pachube, and sensor.log doesn’t get created.
I modified the Atmel code as follows:

[code]#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define HEARTBEAT_LED (8)

SoftwareSerial mySerial(6, 7); //PD6 and PD7 are connected to Dragino UART port.

int value1 = 1;
int value2 = 2;

void setup()

void loop() // run over and over again
mySerial.print(" "); // an extra space between different value pair.
if (value1 == 254) value1 = 1;
value2 = value2+2;

The Atmel code is running, and I see the HeartBeat Led blink, but never get a sensor.log file.

Has anyone gotten any of the features on Dragrove working?
Perhaps someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.


I do have the same issue. I have loaded the latest MS12 firmware into the dragino and used the same code for the Dragrove including controlling the heartbeat-led. The heartbeat led is flashing, but I do not get any communication using the ttyS0 port.

I tried the minicom terminal on the Dragino but have no signs of receiving data from the dragrove.

I digged into the dragrove schematics.
Is it possible that the interface between the dragrove and the dragino has an issue?
The interface of both PD6 and PD7 from the dragrove to the dragino router-connection is identical using the Si5904DC.
If I read the schematics right, it is only possible to send information from the dragino to the dragrove and not the other way around.
For me as a non-expect, but logical thinker, it has the feeling that for PD6 or PD7 this scheme needs to be in reverse.

If anyone could help me further with this issue, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.