Dragino Serial

Hi All,

It appears I may not be alone in getting a Dragino to accept serial data from the AVR board, anyone had success in this yet?

I have gone back to basics, written a simple serial port routine from scratch for the AVR programmed it externally and tested the serial data coming out of it into a TTL/RS232 converter into a PC… it works so the AVR is sending good serial data. I put it back in the Dragino board, I see the same data with the right levels on my scope going into the correct pin on the Dragino board.

I have tried minicom the LUA test script and a simple externally compiled program to simply open the port and spit out any data received.

I get no serial data into the Dragino from anything. I’ve tried the stock Dragino firmware it came with, the v2 download and a built from source v1.

I would be happy to try and get to the bottom of what is going on but…

a) My dragino board is v1.0, I can only find v0.6 of the schematic to download.
b) I can’t appear to download/checkout the v2 dragino source code, I just get v1 which fails on first make (at lua package) but succeeds the second time after doing make V=99.

Any help or pointers to docs I’ve not yet found or info from anyone else who has solved this issue would be appreciated.

On the up side I managed to get “CodeBlocks” to use the generated MIPS compiler which makes a nice easy way to program the Dragino in C++ which is what I want to do with it.

Oh, and does anyone else feel like the PCBs are going to break every time you need to remove the Dragove board… designers, please make the next version have thicker PCB :slight_smile:



…and to answer my own question.

Kill “/usr/sbin/pachubed” if you want the serial port for yourself.