Dragino: pin lay out connectors (for the wiki)

Arduino pin lay out backside connector
(Labels on the box have no significance)

PD0 = pin 0 RX (hardware RS232)
PD1 = pin 1 TX (hardware RS232)
PD2 = pin 2 digital
PD3 = pin 3 digital PWM
PD4 = pin 4 digital, cold reset of router board / not to be used for other purposes
PD5 = pin 5 digital PWM
PC0 = pin analog input 0 / has also digi pin assigned (?)
PC1 = pin analog input 1 / has also digi pin assigned (?)
GND: there are several GND pins. It seems that only the one next to PC1 gives proper results when connecting to the I/O pins.

pin 13 = on daughterboard led

Connected to the router
pin 4 to Dragino cold reset
pin 6 to Dragino UART serial port (SoftwareSerial @9600)
pin 7 to Dragino UART serial port (SoftwareSerial @9600)
pin 8 to Dragino heartbeat led /inverted


Jan-Willem Arnold

sorry, I cannot understand what you mean´╝î can you say more detailed? Thank you !