Dps368 / Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense / ARDUINO CODE

I would like to operate the DPS368 sensor. The target is the Seeed Studio XIAO RF52840 Sense. Please share the Arduino code. Thank you."

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Sure… Looks like this.
Here are some tips for using a barometric pressure sensor with Arduino:

  • To calculate altitude using the BMP 180 library, you can use the altitude function with two arguments: the pressure measured by the sensor and the ground or sea level pressure. The function uses the international barometric formula to calculate the altitude in meters.
  • The SparkFun library also has a function called sea level that can output an altitude compensated pressure reading.
  • You can use alligator clips to connect the sensor to the Arduino, or you can solder headers onto the sensor

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You need to include the necessary library for DPS368 from the library manager. You will also need to include the wire.h library.