Does the Music Shield work with Arduino Mega 2560?

Last week I bought a Music Shield and an Arduino Mega with 2560 chip. Whatever I try with the democode given on the Garden, I can’t get anything to work. So here’s a very simple question (I hope): Does the Music Shield work together with an Arduino Mega with 2560 chip to playback music?

And yes, I have replaced the portpins.h file and I use a 2Gb non-HC SD card



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Sorry to tell you that mega 2560 is not supported by music shield yet. We will make that work later ,and let you know when it’s released.


Hi Simon,

I also has the same problem. I have a lot of Arduino Uno, and really Music shield works nice, but it uses too much pins, and I want to use the music shield with an Ard. Mega.

I want to encourage your people to provide us with support for Ard. Mega,

best regards and, thank you!

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At first,make sure you had download the library,music_v1_13.
You see,MEGA2560 is similar to Mega1280,you can add the code like “||defined(AVR_ATmega2560)” behind the code “#if defined(AVR_ATmega1280)” in all files of the project directory “music_v1_13”.
Then you can make the music shield work.And we had test it.


Hi Piggy,

atmega2560 running!


Could you please post the revised line of code on this thread.

That would be awesome!

When I try to upload to the 2560 it says …

music.cpp: In function ‘void loop()’:
music:43: error: ‘Record’ was not declared in this scope



Piggy you said to add…


to all files.

I’m not sure I did that properly.

Please help.


For the error:‘Record’ was not declared in this scope.I think you probably had not add the code "||defined(AVR_ATmega2560) " to recode.cpp or record.h
Please click here the resources colume,the “music shield latest version also support Arduino mega 2560” had been uploaded.
You can download it and make your music shield work.


Thanks!! I downloaded the new files and replaced the old files and now I get this error message.

C:\arduino\sketchbook\libraries\music_v1_13\record.cpp: In function ‘unsigned char Record()’:
record.cpp:212: error: ‘WriteDiskSector’ was not declared in this scope
record.cpp:271: error: ‘WriteDiskSector’ was not declared in this scope

The link said “music shield latest version also support Arduino mega 2560”

Can you help?


I had some remaining duplicate files.

Thanks for posting updated code supporting 2560!!!