Does Seeed NFC-Grove PN532 support Fudan FM1280 cards that are supposedly ISO 14443-4 compatible?

I am using ESP32 and SeeedStudio PN532 Grove-NFC module and VSCode with Arduino extension and SeeedStudio PN532 library in HSU mode with HW serial.

The setup works fine and I can read the UID of ISO 14443-3A Mifare Classic 1k cards and tags correctly. But does not react at all when approached with a Fudan FM1280 card that is ISO 14443-4 compatible.

getFirmwareVersion function that sends PN532_COMMAND_GETFIRMWAREVERSION (0x02) returns:
Found chip PN532
Firmware ver. 1.6

readPassiveTargetID function that sends PN532_COMMAND_INLISTPASSIVETARGET (0x4A)
returns with timeout for the Fundan card, but works well for others.

So the module does not react at all when presented with the Fudan card.

For this Fudan FM1280 cars, the Android NFC Tools application reports:

Tag type: ISO 14443-4 NXP - Mifare DESFire EV1 4k
Technologies available: IsoDep, NfcA, NdefFormatable
ATQA 0x0344
SAK 0x20
ATS 0x7661756C74697434

I just need the UID of this card to work with my setup. Can someone please help what I could try to do?

Or would the MFRC522 module support this card as an option?

Or what reader module I have to get for ESP32 with Grove connector?