Does not work

I have twice re-assembled the RePhone for Pebble, but do not get GPS values. The screen only shows “Connecting…”, and if I plug in a charger then sometimes it gets to the next screen but it always has “0” satellites and no latitude or longitude. Pressing buttons then often reset the Pebble watch, and after three resets the Pebble reverts to a factory reset requiring a firmware reload.

Any suggestions? Did I get a bum product or is this working for anyone?

Xadow GPS should be working well in outdoors in open air

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hi, nice to the kit, i receive monday but I can not turn on the GPS.
Also it is known that the battery will not be values on the screen.
What should I do?

Hi, sorry but it works, I reset the Pebble and the GPS and party and receives even at home …

Thanks for everything


Hi, I am disappointed by the product. It worked for 10 min. and then it stopped working. I have no words. tells me Cloudpebble using the GPS signal not.
What should I do?
Franco Defendi

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused please write about your issue in detail with photograph of your experimental setup to

There is a software update in Xadow GPS V2 please find it in the followinglink

Thanks…but to copy the file? write me tutorial because cloud pebble don’t copy the file ( error too many file ).

Ciao Franco

According the update procedure ( … you need a module that is not part of the strap kit.
Are there any alternatives? (e.g.
I recognize the same behavioure as mentioned above. (mclark)
I contacted the seeed support but no answer till now.

Any further advice?


Hello, do not work and just so, must Seeed make firmware upgrade because not everyone knows reprogram … I asked for the procedure to upgrade and have not yet responded.

Ciao Franco

Hi, I have not heard from Seeed for the Xadow Strap firmware.
For me must make a correction to the software.
So not usable.
I disassembled and reassembled redone Pebble reset not happened.
I hope Seeed takes action to resolve the problem that everyone has.

Hi, I found the solution to the problem …, I dismount and put it in the attic.
I’m sorry for the product and studied but does not work.
Hello Franco

Seems not to be a priority for Seeed!


  1. configuration is not working propperly.
  2. Update for GPS module available. Maybe the update would solve the issue?!
  3. To update the module an other module is necessary that is not content of the "pebble strap kit "
  4. seeed is not providing a sufficient solution up to now!

I would highly appreciate if Seeed would comment on that in a propper way and offer a customer oriented solution!
Even if only few customers are not satisfied- are there satisfied customers out there? - I would expect another behavioure.

Hello, for me and better than you do of such comments, with your client who has difficulty to operate your product.
Many people who have bought your product have difficulty running it.
You do not have to say that if you update the GPS module might work. Or it works or not … can not possibly be that the module that does not work I …
However please do not make such comments.
I have more of your Arduino details that work well and did not bother.
I regret that the kit does not work.
Thanks for the help
Hello Franco

Hi Franco,

even if my user name is “seeed87” I’m also a customer - you can see that in my user profile.


hello, I have seen that you are a customer like me, but to you it works? GPS did you update? when you open Xadow application of Pebble you can make setting?
To me setting the application will not open.
Hello Franco