Does it work without battery only with USB power?

I couldn’t get the answer from the wiki. It looks like a battery is required for the RePhone to work. When I connect it to USB power without a battery the LED is red.
It looks like a battery is mandatory. Is this correct?

Yes, without battery you can’t work.


So, can we purchase the battery in seeed shop?
What SKU is the battery for this module?



I found that the module can (in fact it is right now in front of my eyes) work without battery.

All you have to do is power the module with a good 3.3V power source. I have an old ATX power supply giving more than 3A and it’s working OK. Use pin 6 for GND and pin 3 for +3V and also connect me module to your PC (this is very important).

Now you can enjoy your module without a battery, even with a SIM connected seems to be working OK (i.e. I’ve been able to send SMSs).