Does DfUse 3.0 work in Win 7 64-bit?

Good day to all.

I’m trying to get BenF’s new 3.62 firmware into my DSOnano v1 but am having problems getting DfUse 3.0 to run.

This is a relatively new netbook (i7 quad-core) running Windows 7 64-bit. I’ve previously used this version on my older netbook running Windows XP 32-bit.

The symptoms are: I get a UAC prompt asking me to approve DfUse, then I see the usual ‘wait’ hourglass for a few seconds, then nothing.

Opening the Windows Task Manager shows that at least 3 processes are started when I launch DfUse: 2 of DllHost and one of DfUseDemo. The two instances of DllHost disappear fairly quickly, one after the other, then DfUseDemo goes away after another 10 - 15 seconds.

I’ve played with the compatibility options but nothing has helped so far.

FWIW - the other two apps bundled with DfUse both run correctly: stdfu Tester and dfu file manager. But they aren’t what I need.

Is there a newer version of DfUse available that is rated for use with 64-bit Windows 7?

Many thanks!


Yes, you need v3.0.1 as discussed in other forum threads. Last know download location is: …

Many thanks for the tip and the direct link. Worked great!


I’m trying to update a new - out of the box Nano V2 to Benf 3.62, drivers installed well with dfuse 3.0.1 on windows 7 64 bit. the upload of app 3.62 and lib 3.52 seem to go fine, but when I turn off and back on, I still see the Seeedstudio firmware prompt. Am I missing a step? The nano display always reads “firmware upgrading… Please Wait” - forever - should I keep waiting? or just off/on?

Any suggestions??