Do you know Gladys assistant?


Gladys is an open source assistant, I already use on Raspberry Pi 3B +

I would like to set up Gladys on a ReSpeaker 6 mics core V2.0.

I have already done a first installation that works well by doing a manual installation.

The advantage with Gladys is that all the data remains locally, there is the possibility of adding modules to drive various communication protocols such as Z-waze, ZigBee, EnOcean, 433Mhz, but also sonoff, Snip, Ziaomi, …

My goal is to use the ReSpeaker with Sonoff, Snip, …

The problem I encountered is the following:

When setting up the module to control my sonoff, I have an error message.

To understand where the problem comes from, I would have to do a factory reset of the ReSpeaker eMMC chip so that I can redo a clean installation with only this module.

How to proceed?

Thank you

Hi there,

you can download the flasher version image and then burn to sd card. Then you plug the sd card to core v2.0. Power on the core v2.0 and it will burn the image to emmc automatically. then you get the factory version emmc. here is the link for the image. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 14&lang=en”></LINK_TEXT>

That’s what I did.

Nice, i didn’t know.


here is the error message when setting up the sonoff module:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 82823.jpeg”></LINK_TEXT>