Do I need to use a soracom or Ilio sim card for the Wio Lte or could I use a sim card from anyone like verizon or AT&T?

Basically the question above. Need to use it to test sending texts but need to know if either of those work as they are the only cell carriers with coverage in my area.

Which product do you have?Could you please send me the corresponding product link? @Rgraham5616

This is the board I was looking at.

Here are the SIM compatible cards indicated.

@Baozhu @baozhu.zuo :slight_smile:
I have Wio LTE AU Version 1.3b It has Quectel EC21-AU (documented to have band coverage suiting Taiwan).
I am located in Taiwan, and I have a Chunghwa SIM already. It has Voice, sms and data prepaid. Their network has comprehensive coverage of the island.
Should the SIM work, or should it not work ?
If not, then why not ?
Will either the soracom or twilio sims work in Taiwan ? I am needing to send my data to a server across the internet, (it’s part of a global environment monitor network -SmartCitizen) and not needing in to be part of a group or be confined to using a specific server.

Secondly, There exists an AT command that sets the Band coverage. Please advise the band coverage string that I need to send as part of my setup.