Display web content other than twitter with #twatch v2?

I understand the #twatch can “display PC system stats from programs like LCD Smartie,” and I am wondering if it would also be possible to modify the #twatch code so that it will display content from my db driven website, assuming I create a page suited to the lcd format, over TCP, without a bridge-- that is, without having to have another computer on. Thank you!

Yes - you just need to modify the code. You do need to bear in mind that the PIC used in this module has a very limited number of programming cycles though. From memory the specs say 100 (compare that with the usual 1,000 or 10,000 for most other PICs).

Sweet. So I do not need to be connected to a local computer in any way? I just plug my ethernet cable into the #twatch and it will be connected to the internet?

Is there any way to make it wifi enabled yet?

Thank you for the heads up on the limited cycles.

Can you tell me where the code is, and if there is a tutorial for modifying it to show content from other sites besides twitter?

Many thanks!

  1. No need to connect to any computer. Connect to your switch/router.

  2. Plug it into a wireless router :slight_smile:

  3. The code, schematics, full details etc are available from the Dangerous Prototypes website dangerousprototypes.com