Display CLock with Seeed Touch Screen V1.

Hi, im new to this.

I recently bought a 2.8’’ TFT Touch Shield V1.0 “RED” and was wordering if i could display a CLOCK on it.

i have an arduino UNO R3.

i found this code online but its not compatible with my screen…

can i get some help with this making it work with my screen?
ArduinoDigitalClock.rar (2.73 KB)

hi~ It’s funny to show a clock on the Tft Touch Shield, indeed, I had ever try such a projuct, the ArduinoPhone! You know , as a phone, It has a clock on the main page~ maybe you can refer to the ArduinoPhone code to find is something you need!

hey, I forgot to share the link: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3956

cheers~ if any problem ,please feel free to contract me !

when i upload the code to my arduino it gives me an error…

it doesn’t work for me?

what can i do?

i have an arduino UNO R3, with Seeed TFT Touch Screen V1.

my screen stays WHITE when i uploaded the code to my arduino…

Hi,the code is based on TFT v2.0 and many other modules, you can’t use it directly.

We will put a post about Time display on TFT later.Wait patiently.