Disappointing express mail service 110262 Wasting money

I received update that my DHL shipment was shipped on Monday yet I waited 3 more days before DHL showed any update. When it did show something, it showed that the package was dropped off on Thursday!!!

Do you drop off packages daily or every 3 days. Last time I ordered PCB and have DHL deliver, it took only 8 days from order to delivery to my door. This time you are adding delay to every step. Yes, I submitted my order on your Saturday morning, but what about the other delays?!

Tell, me, what is the point of order express delivery service for $60 extra on 2/28/14 to see nothing at my door way today (3/13/14)? I will likely get it on next Monday! If I didn’t need it urgently I would NOT buy the DHL!

I will never ever order express delivery. Just all the more ways to waste my money.

Sorry for the inconvenience…
you place your order on saturday… and the production started on Monday…
It caused a few days delay also because of recently CPPCC(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), the custom clearance from HK is strict.
Hope you understand.

Sorry again for the inconvenience…

I got the boards. Next time I will just not use express.