Disable grid in V3.0x by benF

First I want to thank benF for his great update. Well thought out changes is an understatement! He has taken the same ingredients, stirred the pot and came up with a much better FW porridge.

Because of the small display, clutter could be considerably reduced by disabling the grid visibility when you want to use the cursors for measurements.

I checked the source code, and found <lcd.c> to contain a function “Display_Grid”, In here the grid color variable (GRD_COLOR) could possibly be set to BLACK to make the grid invisible which would reduce screen clutter.

I don’t know “C” programming (just assembly) and am wondering if this function could be added to the V3.01 FW.

Possibly it could be added as an option (grid visible) under both the YA and XA menus. Set the color to WHITE or BLACK respectively and call the “Display_Grid” function to toggle the grid visibility.

Once again, thanks to benF for taking the time and interest to make the DSO Nano user friendly.