Has anyone used Diptrace to produce the gerber files?

Unfortunately I cannot use the Eagle DRU and CAM with Diptrace. Any ideas how to generate the necessary files for this service?

Here are some screenshots for the design rule options that Diptrace provides.
If someone provides me with the necessary values, then I can produce a Diptrace design rule template.

I can 2nd the request for a Diptrace design rule template. I’ve made the switch from Eagle to Diptrace but am still struggling in the Eagle-centric world from time to time. I think I can put the right numbers in Diptrace, but I’d like someone from Seeed to chime in so I’m sure to get it right the first time.

I would like get the Design rules for DIPtrace also. This is a growing user base. Please respond with a generic Design rule file.