DIP Trace DIPtrace files

I am planning to buy some Fusion PC boards. However, I am using DIP Trace PCB designer instead of Eagle. DIP Trace generates Gerber files as required by Fusion. However the board outline is not included in any of the other files, it is in a separate file.

Can Fusion accept orders with the board outline in a separate file? If so, what should the outline file extension be named? So far, I have the following files:

project.GBO ; bottom silk screen
project.GBS ; bottom solder mask
project.GBL ; bottom layer
project.GTL ; top layer
project.GTS ; top solder mask
project.GTO ; top silk screen

DIP Trace can also generate a TOP or BOTTOM NC drill file. I’m assuming Fusion wants the TOP drill file. So I have a file called:


So the extra file I have is:


Will this work for Fusion?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, it will work with Fusion PCB Service.
Please generate the Gerber format in RS274-x.


You can merge as many layers as you want.
Hold down ctrl and you can select board outline together with top copper (for example)