dimension of grove sensor o2 (holes)

Hello, i ordered a grove O2 sensor and im making a 3D printed housing for it. i was searching the web for the dimensions of the pcb. but couldnt find anything.

Can someone measure this for me?


Hope this helps @Mathias_Vangompel

A= 40mm

B= 20mm

C= 30mm

D= 10mm

All dimensions are to the center of each hole

Hole dimension is 3mm

Note :- Each hole is on the edge of the board and the board can not lie flat, there is the connector terminal one side and circuits the other so it needs a stand off on each mount.

Please see additional photos for clarity.
Grove O2 board.jpg

hmmm… keeps removing the last attachment… this is the board with the sensor attached…

Hi, you also can download eagle board files from <LINK_TEXT text=“https://github.com/SeeedDocument/Grove_ … ics_O2.zip”>https://github.com/SeeedDocument/Grove_Gas_Sensor_O2/raw/master/resources/Schematics_O2.zip</LINK_TEXT>. then click Draw–> Dimension to measure the sizes. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team