Difficulty reading SMS with GPRS shield

I’m clearly doing something wrong but I had assumed that I would be able to use the GSM and SIM900 libraries with the Seeed GPRS shield (after modifying gsm.h to reflect pin 7 and 8)
however when I startup a basic sketch it says it cannot communicate with the sim900 and to check the pin configuration

If I run the example code from the wiki I can make a call or send an sms without any issues at all however I want to be able to read an incoming sms

does anyone have any sketches that they are willing to share for reading a sms with this shield?

subsequently I am also having difficulty using my Leonardo as a serial pass through which may also indicate what is wrong however I have no idea what is going wrong as I said I am able to use the example on the wiki to communicate using software serial without any issues.

I think i have determined what is going wrong, it seems that only pin 7 is connecting and pin 8 is not, so I can send commands to the sim900 but I never get the responses back, which is fine when I am sending a SMS because it only requires the ability to send the commands but doesnt require the responses, however why it is behaving like this I do not know, both jumpers are set to softwareserial mode.

Hi,if you use SSCOM32E to test your GPRS,you can sent and receive SMS.And you can refer to this web site to get more interesting information.

And if you use Leonardo,you may modify your program.