Difference between TA12-200 and ACS70331 AC current sensor

Dear community, I would like to know what’s the difference between TA12-200 and ACS70331 sensor?

Both are current sensor and I think, both can sense positive and negative value of current but in each description these sensor seem to be different and I don’t know why.
please help me to understand the difference.
below the link to TA12-200 sensor
and here AC_Current_Sensor-ACS70331

The usage scenarios of these two sensors are different, and the principle of measuring current is also different. One is to measure the current through electromagnetic induction, and the other is to measure the current in series in the circuit.

Thank you for your answer. Does it mean that the ACS70331 it’s more precise than the TA12-200?

It cannot be said that. The ACS70331EESATR-005B3 is Allegro’s high sensitivity, current sensor IC for <5 A current sensing applications. But the TA12-200 current transformer can transform the large AC into small amplitude. You can use it to test large alternating current up to 5A.
Their own application scenarios are different, so their measurement advantages in different environments are also different, and the accuracy cannot be compared.