Difference between Sipeed MAix BiT for RISC-V AI+IoT and Sipeed M1 dock suit

Hello everyone,

What are the main differences between the Sipeed MAix BiT for RISC-V AI+IoT board and Sipeed M1 dock suit board?

Thank you! :wink:

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I have both. I don’t have active projects on either one right now, so the details are fuzzy.

IIRC, from a software view, they’re quite similar. They use the Kendryte SDK, have FreeRTOS and MicroPython and a host app to K-flash code to the board and “see” what the cameras are seeing, etc.

Schematics are available for all if you wish to confirm, but I suspect that these two boards and Amigo, which is based on the M1N (yet another form factor) are probably more alike than different.

They’re inexpensive enough to play with them all. The presence of an LCD is a factor, of course, for size and price. I think I remember swapping the camera and LCD to the Bit and it just worked.

Is there a specific feature you’re looking for that you think is missing on one or the other?

Thank you for the reply. It seems as if they are both the same, except for form factor. I want to get into MV and AI, but also do some general “MCU” stuff like reading from I2C sensors etc. It seems as if both will work with the same LCD and camera modules also. It feels as if the Dock suit seems the better buy then :wink: