Difference between Arduino regular and Linkit arduino

Is the arduino IDE used by the Linkit board any different from the regular IDE?
In other words, can we just “merge” the files and use one IDE to do all target boards?

Hi, LinkIt ONE IDE is just the same as Arduino IDE. If you use Arduino 1.5.7(or after), you can just install a SDK for LinkIt, then you can use LinkIt ONE.


saves me some diskspace and another link on the desktop.
Maybe you should mention it in the instructions.

Hi, Thanks for you suggestion, if you have any question about LinkIt ONE, please talk to us at no time, Thanks.

I’m using an Arduino Uno with the NFC Shield V2.0 - SLD01097P, connected directly together using the header pins. I thought perhaps it was voltage related and tried with a 12v supply to the UNO but no change.