Didn't receive my order yet, poor response from Seeed

I didn’t receive my order yet. I tried to call 4PX via number provided in the tracking order page of Seeed. They are replying that they don’t know English, I tried to request them to transfer the call to the person in the customer care who knows English. They simply cut the call.
I emailed to the Seeed Customer Support Team support@seeed.cc, order@seeed.cc, fusion@seeed.cc . No reply till now. This is my first order with Seeed and it is the worst experience I ever had till now.

My order number: LF050583321SG

Seeed do their best to respond sooner. I have found their service pretty good and others not so good.
Sometimes its worthwhile to pay the extra shipping cost for FedEx. Their tracking service works and the goods actually arrive in reasonable time. I assume its why its preferred Seeed carrier.
Overall it would be better if Seeed resellers in each country actually hold some stock so you can buy locally and stuff arrives quicker.

Which delivery method you chooses? from the tracking site it’s been Hand over to airline May 14 2020 , it might be delayed due to pandemic .

It was mentioned that it will take 20 days to receive my order at the time of placing the order, that’s why I ordered via Seeed carrirer. Now its been 39 days from the day I ordered the item, but i didn’t receive it till now, showing the same status from the mid of May 2020.

Think its clearly mentioned in my post.
Moreover it is getting delayed than expected. Seeed should have mentioned clearly that it may take more time to ship it due to pandemic, then I would have either cancel the order or would have chosen the express carrier.

Well actually they do mention that deliveries might be delayed. In any case its common knowledge. Your only remedy is to select a premium courier company to get the best service, but even then there are delays. My own items (shipping via FedEx priority) have been sitting in Singapore for 3 days even though there are several flights per day from Singapore to Australia and the items have taken a weird route to get thus far.